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  • "Quick" About Me

    Ok...heres the basics:
    Im a new mom-My son Lawson was born July 08, 2008
    Im happily married: My husband Brian and I got married after only dating for a little over a month AND hes 15 years older than me. (Most people *gasp* after this is brought up) and some even decide if they like me or don't)-Crazy right! What does it matter?!
    Im super nice and will never be one of those women who label themselves as "bitches."   Uh, yeah that totally makes me wanna be your friend...
    I dont like gossip (unless its celebrity gossip) and will completely STOP a friend in the middle of a sentence if I know shes about to spill someones business. I have enough stress in my own life to be worrying about whether or not so in so is cheatin on her man. Im never going to be the mochafrappalattechino prada/dolce/gucci/coach huge earrings/sunglasses/neclace mani/pedi/spa type of woman. Its just not me.
    The End :)

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    • Expecting a Boy Brady Coming Soon
    • Lawson Lawson 9 years old
  • Lawson tries meat for the first time...so funny!

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  • Random Things About Me ( I mean REALLY random!)



    ♥ I act silly all the time (and love to take pictures of myself..obviously lol) and most of my pictures are taken in the car bc I get sooo bored in the car and always have my camera!


    ♥I hate to eat the last bite of anything

    ♥I am such a sucker for pretty packaging. I'll buy anything if it's shiny and sparkly.

    ♥I have 9 toes.Poor little pinkie :) Dont ride your bike without shoes!

    ♥I can only drink water with lemon in it

    ♥I sleep with a pillow but I push it forward and sleep with my head on the mattress

    ♥I hate flushing the toilet, or vaccuming,
    because its so loud

    ♥I can't eat celery because I choke on the celery strings

    ♥Monkeys give me nightmares

    ♥Sometimes I hold my breath because it feels good to exhale

    ♥Ben&Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk is my favorite Ice cream

    ♥I can only whistle breathing in

    ♥I LOVE mail order catologues...doesn't matter what it is

    ♥When Im driving Im always terrified of accidentally turning into "the ghetto"

    ♥I get the hiccups every day. Sometimes for a few hours and it makes me want to cry!

    ♥I scrunch my nose when I dont like something

    ♥Jeans, a white fitted tee, and flip flops are my favorite things to wear.

    ♥I hate bad grammar

    ♥I hate jello! Even when someone SAYS Jello..even to type it! Do you know what they put in that to make it wiggle?!

    ♥Outside cold doesn't bother me but i'm always cold indoors

    ♥Some sounds make me hungry

    ♥I can rap just as fast as Twista or Bone Thugs in Harmony. Im not bragging..its just a gift

    ♥I dream every single night.

    ♥Im extremely scared of becoming a senior citizen

    ♥I love snakes

    ♥Trees underwater terrify me

    ♥I love soggy raisin bran

    ♥I kinda like animals better than people

    ♥I can watch scary movies but I close my ears on all the scary parts. Would someone jumping out of the dark shadows be as scary if that sudden loud music and shrill scream were'nt there? NOPE! 

    ♥I feel claustraphobic with jewlery on

    ♥Sometimes I still believe in fairy's, mermaids, elves, monsters, etc.

    ♥I love my digital camera wayyy to much

    ♥Sometimes I complicate my life on purpose because I love moments to feel like "movie moments"

    ♥Fall is my favorite season

    ♥ Morning sunlight is my favorite. I prefer sunrise to sunset

    ♥Hotel California (the Live Version) by the Eagles is my alltime favorite song

    ♥When I think to myself in my head its always in a British accent for some reason

    ♥I love dancing and take any opportunity to do it!! My son Lawson thinks it's hilarious...it probably is.

    ♥I love cats and I treat my cat Caddy like shes my child. I love love love her!

    ♥My husband and I dated for only a month before we got married which is all the time we needed :)

    ♥I love love love to cook and try difficult recipes.

    ♥I love sleeping by myself and Im married so it doesnt happen all that often

    ♥My favorite flowers are snapdragons which you can hardly ever find!

    ♥I am a total girly girl BUT I grew up in Arkansas so I know how to hunt,how to clean fish, and how to get your truck or fourwheeler out of a mud hole

    ♥I lived in Mexico for 2 years building houses for poor people

    ♥When I was in Highschool I was an actress on the soap opera All My Children. Oh the good ole days of skinnyness and long blonde hair!

    ♥I have been in college for 6 years and dont have my bachelors yet! Ive changed majors too often! Right now Im majoring in criminal justice but I dont even think Ill do anything with it! GRRR

    ♥I dont like to use big spoons or forks..it has to be small ones

    ♥I love really old movies. The classics.

    ♥I love having a fan running at night bc I love the sound

    ♥I like dipping oreos in orange juice

    ♥I have a butterfly tattoo on my lower back..but it's like who doesnt ya know! lol however I still love it but no I dont want any more.

    ♥I love going to church

    ♥I keep a small notepad with me at all times to write down random things..advice, good restraunts, funny things people said, ideas about the future...anything.

    ♥I love playing Guitar Hero and Im pretty dang good at it

    ♥Id rather go on an alaskan vacation than a hawaiin one

    ♥I think about global warming every day and I even get stressed out about it

    ♥I really wish I could tie a knot in a cherry stem but I need to face reality..bc it will never happen!

    ♥If I could live exactly how I wanted..it would be in a small log cabin in the mountains where Id have to grow and hunt for my own food and the nearest town would be verrry far away. Although to look at me...youd guess Id want to live in a mansion with servants lol..but not even close. However, when I think about it...I would still want my hair and makeup to be perfect. LOL!

    ♥I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    ♥When I take a shower I leave half of the curtain open cuz I like the water hot but I dont like to feel like the steam is suffocating me lol

    ♥I still firmly believe that ONE DAY someone will spontaneously break out in song at a restraunt and we will all get up and start dancing in a perfectly correographed routine that we all just somehow know.

    ♥Old Disney movies are the best

    ♥One of the best things about being a mom is that I can act like a total moron all day and Lawson is loving every minute of it!

    ♥I don't curse. For one thing it always sounds really funny when I do, and secondly, it can be just vulgar.

    ♥Green is my favorite color. Second fave is blue but the funny thing is...if you get to know me I almost guarantee you could guess that those are my favorite colors. I have a green/blue personality.

    ♥Dont you hate it when your in public and your uterus makes a weird sound and someone looks at you like you farted and you want to yell back "Um, I didnt fart! That was my uterus!" but you know they wont believe you anyway! Yeah, I hate that.

    ♥I am a total introvert masquerading as an extrovert. It's really difficult but I've become a pro at it!

    ♥I think it's really cool when you have that kind of friend where you can just pull up some chairs and sit on a porch during a thunderstorm, watch the storm without saying anything...and NOT THINK IT'S AWKWARD! I love that

    ♥I live a low carb/no sugar lifestyle and I love it.

    ♥I dont do rollercoasters

    ♥I like decaffeinated coffee. I like to pretend it gives me a burst of energy.