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  • HEY LADIES!!! Nice to meet you!!! Now meet Me!!!!!!


    Hey Ladies, I do want to give you a little background about myself and share with you how I helped plenty families save money, make money and even more do both!!!!! 

    I began helping families when I began to help myself!! I know you are wondering what I mean by that, well I'll be more than happy to tell you!!  I was just like some mothers, I wanted to work from home so I can spend more time with my boys.  I looked and looked and looked but never nothing LEGIT!!!!!  I didn't want to give up because I love my boys and I wanted to be there for them but I was tired of losing money.  So shame to say, I gave up!!!! I gave up looking, I gave up trying, I even gave up listening LOL!!! Meaning, if some one called me, I hung up. (Sorry for hanging up, I know how it feel now LOL).  So, my babies never knew I was trying to come home with them full time, well my baby boy did, he is now my assistant at the age of 18, so when I gave up they didn't know the differeence! One day me and my baby were walking into Wal-mart and this man was standing outside handing out Work From Home fliers and I remember saying, "Please don't talk to me, Please don't talk to me" lol.  WELL, He didn't say one word to me, he just handed me a flier and kept on doing his thing, speaking to everyone else.  So I stuffed it in my pocket book and forgot about it. About 2 or 3 months later my boss PISSED me off (sorry for the language) but he made me mad lol.  Just like most moms now, I worked outside the home with great pay but it cost me a lot of time away from my family.  So the day he made mad, I got stuck in traffic, just my luck huh.  Well when I got home, I was so mad i started cleaning out my pocket book and ran across that flier, the man gave me at Wal-mart.  It sounded great but I ran into so many scams, I knew for a fact I was going to do research.  Well obviously the research was great.  I was so happy that I found something legitimate, because now I can help moms that is in the same situation I was once in, which is can't find anything legitimate from home.  

    I have been with this company since December of 2004 and has blessed many males and females work from home and make a realist passive income.  I am blessed to have a legitimate business to offer to others so they can work from home legitimately.  Not only do I have a business I can offer but I have a legitimate service that is needed all over America.  I help families save money with these services and make a great income in the process.  The service I am referring to are some very affordable Health care and very affordable Protection programs.  $19.95 a month can get an entire household up to 86% discounts on Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractor.  For $24.95 a month an entire household can receive protection on there ID Theft Protection, Child ID Kit, Roadside Assistance, Legal Services, and Financial Services.  We have other services that help families save as well. 

    I am here to help moms find some legitimate work from home opportunities and jobs, or help you and your family save money on affordable healthcare.  So be sure to ask any questions you may have and I'll direct you to the correct information you may need.  I also Have a couple of goups to help you with your search or any other situations you need help with

    Work From Home Search

    General Help For Moms 

    Feel free to contact me or any other Admin in this group, we all are here to help you!!!!!! 

    Carrie Williams, ESD
    Toll Free - 888-475-6032
    Yahoo IM: WAHNSD

    Group Owner - Start Your WAH Search Here
    Group Owner - General Help For Moms

  • My Ideal of a Work From Home Opportunity

    Hey Ladies, First thing first.....My name is Carrie.  I have been working from the comfort of my home for 5 years now and 2 years ago I was able to "FIRE MY BOSS" and work as a full time parent... Not only did my work from home business allow me to "FIRE MY BOSS," but it allowed me to be the mother my children wanted and needed......

    All that sounds "GREAT" right?  Well, it wasn't as easy as it sounds lol.....Before I found this company I tried well over 5 different work from home opportunity... Paid money to get in all 5 and made money from NEITHER!!!!!!  So, as you can see I was scammed more than one time....Crazy me huh?  Well I was determine to come home full-time as a mother and a wife to my children and husband......  I decided, before I try another business, they have to meet some requirements of my own......(My requirements was high, very high).....(So high I didn't think I could find one to meet it lol)

    I was wrong.....I found one to meet it and exceed it.........My ideal(requirements) of a work from home opportunity is..........One that have a great compensation(pay) plan, offer a NEED(NOT A WANT) to America, Service bound company(I did not want to stock products in my home), give me and my family the service at a very affordable price, Support and Training with no additional cost, realistic business, and last but not least a company that delivers on the promise!!!!!!

    The business I found and have been doing for 5 years....exceeds the expectations.... They compensation is the best in the industry....They pay 30% on business you do personally and they are paid daily and residually(month after monther year after year)......They offer a very needed service....They offer a very affordable health and dental plan( for $19.95/month a household can recieve Dental, VIsion, Rx, and Chiropractic....and if they need health benefits it's only $39.95/month).......We did not have to hold any product in our home(nor did we have to buy and try to re-sell)......My family get the benefits, websites, customer support for all members we enroll, and more at a very affordable price.........Our training is done from the comfort of our home and our team support each other(the training and support that each team member receive is priceless)......It has been in business since 1992 and are partnered with 500 fortune companies and members of the U.S chamber of commerce, direct seller association, dental plan of america, and much more(very realistic business)......Every promise this company have ever made, they delivered.......

    Now can you see how this business has allowed me to fire my boss and going to allow my husband fire his boss soon???  You can't get no better than this!!!!

    That is my idea of a work from home Opportunity........Tell me what you think!!!!!

  • Learn What You Need To Know!!!!!!!

    Learn everything you need to know to decide if Ameriplan® and the AnewMe at Home Team are the Right Fit for You!

    Request An Interview
    Learn More Now

    Start Your Journey Now On Our Team

    We are currently looking for Individuals who want to Work from the Comfort of their Own Home.

    All You Need is Internet and Phone. You can Request an interview or click here
    for more Details on the Opportunity!

    *Daily Pay
    *Weekly Pay
    *Monthly Pay
    *Residual Income
    *Bonus Programs
    *Dental, Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic
    *Health Plan Option
    *Legal Services, Financial Services
    *Roadside Assistance, Identity Theft
    *Dining, Shopping, Entertainment, Auto Discounts
    *Discounts at Dell, Office Depot, 1-800-Flowers
    *Many more large store Discounts
    *401k Option
    *Disability and Dismemberment
    *Direct Deposit Option
    *5 Fully Maintained Websites
    *Complete Back Office
    *Email System
    *One on One Mentors
    *Training Calls Daily
    *Training Websites
    *Team Forum Board
    *Tax Savings and Advantages
    *No quotas or deadlines

    Request your Interview Today ~ CLICK HERE

  • Request Your Interview Today!!!

    Are You Serious About Working From Home? 

    Come set up your Interview Today!

      Request An Interview Here

    I will Answer all your Questions and give you all the Information you need for you to make the Right Decision about Joining Ameriplan, with Me and our AMAZING Team!

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    Start your home-based career with Ameriplan®!!!

    Ameriplan is a 17 year old company
    #1 Leader in the Discount Healthcare Benefits Industry
    Member Chamber of Commerce
    Member National Association of Dental Plans
    Member of The Direct Sellers Association
    Member of Dun & Bradstreet
    Associated with thousands of medical professionals nationwide
    Partnered with major corporations like: Sears, JCPenny, Walgreens, CVS & many more
    Based out of Dallas, TX
    Nationwide team of home workers - people working EXCLUSIVELY at home

    We've found that 70% of Americans are either not insured or under insured.  We provide a supplemental benefit plan to help those people.  We currently have over 1.9 million members and we are growing every day! We are NOT an insurance company. You don't need a license to work with us and really, you don't need to understand the health industry to have a passion for helping people save money!  Many people shy away from doing an Ameriplan business because they believe they need to become an expert in either insurance or the health industry. It just isn't true.

    Full time or part time work available
    Flexible schedule set by each home worker individually
    401K plan available
    Direct Deposit available
    Dental, Vision, Rx & Chiropractic benefits are included at no extra charge
    Discounts on medical plans available
    Six websites included to use in your business
    Free one on one training and support
    Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy
    Daily Paychecks
    Residual Lifetime Income
    Many corporate discounts with companies like Dell, Office Depot, 1-800 FLOWERS & more

    Men and Women (mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, college students, retired people, business owner, etc.) who are:

    AND who have:

    An Entreprenuerial Spirt
    Presentation & Follow-Up Skills
    Strong Work Ethics
    Strong Desire to Help Others
    A Hunger for Personal & Financial Growth

    If this is you, then I would like you on my team!

    Join Ameriplan® Working from Home!!!

    To Request Your Interview Today CLICK HERE

    To Start Working from Home TODAY CLICK HERE

  • Make Sure Your Family Protected 100%!!!!!!!

    Secure Net is 5 in 1

    Service 1: National Child ID

    The Problem

    • 800,000 children reported missing each year.
    • One child every 40 seconds.
    • Less than 10% of families have a sample of their child's fingerprints.

    The Solution

    One Free Child ID kit featuring:

    • Inkless fingerprinting card with step-by-step instructions and practice area.
    • DNA cheek swab and collection envelope.
    • ID wallet card.
    • Purchase additional Child ID kit(s) at a discount.

    Program Overview

    • Only in-home fingerprinting kit approved by the FBI.
    • Takes only five minutes per child to complete.
    • Store children’s fingerprints and DNA at home.
    • In case of emergency, the Child ID kit provides vital information to law enforcement.
    • With over 25 million Child ID kits distributed, the AFCA/FBI National Child ID Program is the largest child ID program in U.S. history.

    Service 2: Financial

    The Problem

    • 80% of all credit reports contain inaccuracies.
    • Bad credit scores negatively affect loans and credit card rates.
    • Bankruptcies have surged to more than 1 million.

    The Solution

    • Bankruptcy Counseling - counselors help members understand bankruptcy options.
    • Foreclosure Avoidance - access to a professional debt counselor to help identify options.
    • Financial Education - access to an extensive library of financial resources.

    Substantial Discounts on the following services:

    • Credit Repair - for only $29 (reg. $99) SecureNet offers the primary member an up-to-six month proven credit repair service.
    • Debt Relief - reduce unsecured debts up to 60% in as little as 12-36 months, including a free debt consultation with a professional debt counselor.

    Service 3: Legal

    • 7 in 10 US households had a legal problem last year
    • Cost to hire an attorney can be expensive.
    • Access to a nationwide network of attorneys.
    • High-quality attorneys assist with any legal issue.
    • Free and pre-negotiated discounted services.

    FREE Legal Services:

    • Free preparation of a simple will with annual updates.
    • Unlimited phone or office consultations.
    • Letters or phone calls on the members behalf for each new legal matter.
    • Contract and document review (6 pages per legal matter).
    • Assistance in solving problems with government programs, ie; INS and welfare.
    • Plan attorneys will help members represent themselves in small claims court.
    • Assistance in completing a Living Will.

    Deeply Discounted Legal Services*

    Service 4: Roadside Assistance

    The Problem

    • Locked Out? Need a Tow? Out of Gas?
    • You need fast, reliable roadside assistance.

    The SecureNet Solution

    • 24/7/365 days a year emergency assistance.
    • 35,000 reputable service providers across the US.
    • Additional services at our pre-negotiated discounted rates.
    • Reimbursement if out of service provider area.

    Simple $75 sign-and-drive service includes:

    • Towing
    • Winching
    • Battery Jump Start
    • Minor Roadside Adjustments
    • Flat Tire Assistance
    • Fuel Delivery
    • Lost key/Lockout Service


    Service 5: ID Theft Protection

    The Problem

    • ID Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.
    • Affects almost 10 million Americans annually.
    • Most programs do not provide comprehensive coverage.
    • No one is immune!

    The SecureNet Solution

    • 24/7/365 days a year Identity Monitoring Services - proactive monitoring of your Social Security Number.

    If your ID is ever stolen:

    • Identity Restoration Specialist provides a plan of action.
    • A pre-completed, state-specific 'ID Recovery Kit' overnighted to the member.
    • Credit report/fraud alerts placed with all three credit bureaus.
    • Notify banks or other agencies if member’s social security card, driver’s license, passport and/or debit/credit cards are stolen.
    • Six-month daily monitoring with all three credit bureaus from the date your ID is stolen.
    • Notify local authorities and assist in obtaining necessary reports.
    • Legal Services at pre-negotiated discounted rates.
    • $25,000 ID Theft Reimbursement Insurance coverage.


    All For ONLY $24.95

     You can find more information and enroll right away at


  • Work Where You're Comfortable With DAILY PAY!!!!

  • Sign the Guestbook!!!!!!

  • Interview and Enrollment Process

    3 Step Interview/Enrollment Process

    1.) Dial (888) 475-6032 Listen to how our team is using this system to grow our business and making money. Leave your name and number and say you from CafeMom.

    2.) Receive a call from me, scheduling an appointment to meet in person or over the phone to go in detail of who we are, what we do, and how we get paid FROM HOME!!!!!

    3.) Meet or talk on the set date and time of the appointment and receive all needed information, get your question answered and if you qualify I'll get you Started and you can be in learn while you earn mode!!!!!!!!!

    That's our simple 3 step Interview and Enrollment Process.

    Can't wait to speak with you!!!!!!

    Carrie Williams


     In yourself!

    Follow Your  

     Your Life...

    And Make Your   Come True!

    I can show you how to MAKE YOUR DREAMS YOUR REALITY. 

    Request an Interview now by CLICKING HERE

    Toll free - (888) 475-6032

  • Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

    Are you FINANCIALLY FRUSTRATED? Don't have that Extra Income or Freedom to do what you want in life?

    Want to Spend everyday with your Family? STRESS FREE and FINANCIALLY FREE! Providing a FUTURE for Your Children!

    Want those FAMILY VACATIONS that Most People can't go on? Going when you want and where you want to!

    Do you have a DREAM HOUSE that is just waiting for you to Move in to?

    Want that LUXURY CAR that you never thought you could afford? Want to be able to help your little ones buy their First Car?

    This all is Possible! But first you need to ask yourself...

    Do You Want your DREAMS to Come True AND are you willing to Dream BIG Enough to Make it Possible?

    It really is that Simple, If you say YES, I am READY to Make My Dreams TRUE, than we need to talk! YES... I have the answer! And NO, you don't need to go to School for years and you don't need to spend a lot of money to make a lot of money! All you need is a Strong Team Leader with Experience to show you the way! With the Right Team and Company that are Top Notch and will give you the Training, Tools and Support to Acheive a Six Figure Income with in 2 to 4 Years or Less!

    Are you Ready to Change Your Life? Change your Financial Future Today!

    Contact me NOW ~

    Request An Interview CLICK HERE

    Toll Free -- 888- 475- 6032

    Yahoo Messenger: Carriewms01

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  • Over 70% of Americans are Un-Insured, Under-Insured or even worst Un-Insurable.............

    .....Do you fall into one of these 3 categories?  If your answer is YES then I can help you obtain affordable dental and medical benefits for you and your family!  DON'T neglect your families health because you can't afford to get to the dentist or to the doctor  and DON'T wait to the last minute to get a benefit plan!  I work with a wonderful company called Ameriplan USA and we are here to help people afford their dental and medical care.  For the details of what we offer please click on the link below:) 

                                           Health Care Made Affordable

    If you have any questions please just ask!  I am committed to helping families obtain affordable health family at a time:)    


  • 10 Reasons Why AmeriPlan Health Benefits are the Best!!!!!!!!

    Top Ten Reasons why Ameriplan® Medical Benefits are Better Benefits!

    10.) Ameriplan® Total Health and Total Health Plus Medical Benefits include Dental, Chiropractic, Vision, Prescription, Hospital Advocacy, Podiatry Service, Ancillary Service, and 24/7 NurseLine Benefits at no additional cost. 

    9.) Ameriplan® Health has no waiting periods, no required pre-authorization for treatments and no exclusions on laboratory services.


    7.) Ameriplan® Health plans begin at an incredible and UNBEATABLE price of $39.95 a month for your entire household!  Our top plan is only $59.95 a month and that even includes Ameriplan® Legal Assistance, Ameriplan® Identity Theft Assistance, FBI Approved Child ID Kit, Financial Services  and Ameriplan® Road Side Assistant!!

    6.) Enrolling with Ameriplan® Health means that Aunt Sally, Uncle George, Grandma and Grandpa, your sisters neighbors kids....whoever is living at your address...can all be covered under your plan - regardless of their relationship to you!! WITH NO EXTRA COST!!!!!!!

    5.) With Ameriplan® you can change your providers whenever you feel the need.  No prior notification to us is necessary.

    4.) With Ameriplan® there are no limits to our services. No limit on usage or limits on age.

    3.)  No daunting paperwork to fill out with Ameriplan®.  No insurance companies to deal with!

    2.)  No denials, everyone is accepted into Ameriplan®, even if you have ongoing conditions!!

    And the #1 reason that Ameriplan® Health is best.................


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    If it's been a while since you visited the group, the party would be the perfect time to come back. Hope to see you.

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    Thanks so much for adding me as a friend. I am really looking forward to knowing you better. My life....well it is an open book, feel free to ask me or talk about anything....
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