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    • Girl gwendolyn 9 years old

      my little one was born at...

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    i love pepsi.

    giving birth was a bitch.

    i love being a mommy.

    my daughter is precious.

    i like bright colors.

    pizza is orgasmic.

    my life story is a tripp!

    i think marijuana should be leagal.

    racism is such a stupid concept.

    irony is hillarious.

    im fat...i just hope i dont stay that way.

    i love my little family iv created.

    my bf is my best friend.

    i used to able to sing really well, but ciggerettes killed that dream.

    im a cool person (as far as i know)

    i love meeting new people.

    please dont bash on me beacause im a young parent. im not retarted i know what im doing.

    i dont drink.ew

    i really like toaster stroodles.

    my daughter is my life. i love to watch her grow and learn everyday. shes my whole life and i dont regret a single thing

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