Momof 3 living kids and 1angel in heaven.
Location: west virginia
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    • Boy Kolin 9 years old

      Kolin is the best baby any...

    • Boy Josh 9 years old

      This is my step son.

    • Girl Mary 19 years old

      She is the most loving...

    • Boy Lance 21 years old

      He is my first born son. He...

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    I have been married for 17 years. I have3 beautiful kids and 1 step son,two sons ages 16and 5 and a girl age 15. All are straight a students. I work in the home health field. We got pregnant in 06 but I had a miscarriage. It has took 6 months almost to finally start feeling better about losing the baby but I will never get over losing that child. I am now ready to start trying again. I love country music, my kids and husband. I love to read romance books. I love to watch my kids playing sports my daughter is a big time soccer player and and a Volley ball player my son is into the civil air patrol and jrotc and wants to go into the air force after he graduates. My youngest son is a typical little boy. He loves playing the Nintendo Wii, riding his bike and playing cars, going to the park. He loves Kindergarten, playing with the little girl next door. He loves his big sister and brother. 

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