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    BCGirl wrote at 7:19 PM on Jul. 5 , 2009


    Hi, due to a lack of intrest, I am cancelling the tea/yard party for Wed 7/8/09. Thank you

    BCGirl wrote at 4:15 PM on Jun. 25 , 2009


    Just stoppin in to say Hi, and hope to see you at the Tea/yard party.

    southermomof3 wrote at 3:10 PM on Apr. 7 , 2009


    ooppppsss sorry bout the b-day wish lol

    southermomof3 wrote at 3:09 PM on Apr. 7 , 2009


    Hop on over to the CafeMom Easter Party
    It's at
    Then spread the word (and a virtual Cadbury CREME EGG) to a friend's chatterbox so they can join the fun!

    Happy Birthday!!!

    lmm924 wrote at 4:20 PM on Feb. 25 , 2009


    I do really like Melaleuca. It's a great company. I don't do the business much anymore. I did for about 2 years and I still refer people from time to time but I love that I still get a paycheck every month and I haven't "done the business" for almost 3 years now. Best of luck with it. If I can help you out in any way let me know!

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    What a Wonderful Life!

    by jessi311 posted at 11:00 AM on Jan. 29 , 2009

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    Exercising more will help me maintain my weight and will also help keep my back/neck/knee pain in check. Exercising regularly makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel more healthy in general.

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    When I exercise, Alexis exercises with me. Teaching my daughter to live healthy now will help her throughout her entire life.

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