two seniors and two sophmores
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    able to raise four teenagers and keep my sanity at the same time
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    It's time to update this section. lets see, hmmm what"s new? I'm still in Florida. My kids are still terrific. The older twins are now 20. Both are doing well in college. The younger twins are seniors in high school and are involved in many school activities. I am still working with senior citizens. so I guess not much has changed.

    I  made one accomplishment in my life's goal.  I finally have a book that I wrote. Granted its only 94 pages and its self published. But It's mine. If anyone is interested please send me a message and I'll tell you how to order it.

    Things I like, coffee, kids falling asleep before I do, walking on nice days, watching Criminal Minds, rocky road ice cream, a juicy steak with baked potato, apple pie, all pies are good!, playing scrabble and actually winning, visiting friends,

    I like to write, though sometimes what I write just comes out of my head with little thought for punctuation and grammar.  for me the hard part of writing is stopping. I'm guessing you are getting bored with my nonsense so I'll be signing off.

    have a nice day everyone 

  • Kids

    • Girl Kymberlee 25 years old

      Kymee's favorite subject is...

    • Steven Steven 25 years old

      Steven is also a freshman...

    • Girl Katie 27 years old

      Katie is a junior and is on...

    • Kelly Kelly 27 years old

      Kelly is also a junior and...

  • Absolutely gorgeous


  • i love tulips all year long !!!



  • another passion : covered bridges



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  • The Beautiful Majestic Lighthouse

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    Lighthouse.jpg picture by dottief13

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  • wish i was sitting here !!!

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  • The Magic and Mystery of "The Lighthouse"

  • St. Augustine Lighthouse

  • My parents

  • My Grandparents

  • My Great Grandparents.

  • Everybody loves "Peanuts" love, family and friendship, that's what peanuts were !!!





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