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    cassylynn1974 wrote at 4:30 AM on Dec. 2 , 2008


    i hope you are enjoying your new precious daughter. sending love from kansas!

    bluefly36 wrote at 7:20 AM on Nov. 4 , 2008


    Good Morning! My name is Sari and I belong to a great group called The Party Lounge. I would like to invite you to join. Just type Party Lounge in the group search and join us! Hope to see you there!

    curlykit wrote at 6:03 AM on Nov. 4 , 2008


    Procrastinate any? If you spend more time hanging out on CM than doing things you need to do, join "Forget to Procrastinate". We will create to do lists and race to complete them (homework, cleaning, phone calls, etc.). Copy and paste into browser:
    See you there!

    cassylynn1974 wrote at 3:11 PM on Oct. 24 , 2008


    hi again. things are busy, everyone is sick, work is insane and sleep is rare. ...i love my life so much though!!!

    i will send some dialation thoughts your way...get the baby out.

    cassylynn1974 wrote at 9:51 AM on Oct. 18 , 2008


    i have been out of the cafemom loop! you are having a baby..>SOON! congrats on your baby girl.

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