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"Please baby sleep for more than 20mins!"
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    • Jackson Jackson 6 years old
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      She was a preemie 3lbs 15...

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    jencole88 wrote at 10:53 AM on Aug. 15 , 2014


    You're invited to join
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    lolita04 wrote at 11:01 PM on Feb. 15 , 2014


    Hard Candy @ CafeMom

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    Autre21 wrote at 8:47 PM on Jan. 8 , 2014


    Your background is so pretty. I stopped to get laundry help. Thx

    aceballos wrote at 12:56 AM on May. 19 , 2013


    Hi I'm Alice. I was doing some laundry and stopped by your page. I love your background!!!!

    BTW, If you are interested in buying AVON I'd love to be your AVON lady. I can also help you get started selling if you are interested for only $10 and no other money ever... Check out my website or email me for more information.

    cookingmomma790 wrote at 5:40 PM on Mar. 12 , 2013


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    Mother of two girls one ( and now one boy) was a preemie ( was on complete bed rest for 5months  after hemorraghing at 14 and 19 weeks ...wee fun) I had complete placenta previa and other i had toxemia wee fun! I love to play with my children and i like to play online games.

      I play World of Warcraft, everquest 2, and red faction..nd Guitar hero and rock band ( and no i dont play this stuff when kids are up i play when they are in bed for night) I am sick of all you mothers mailing me telling me im a terrible parent for playing games.. I need my me time and me and hubby time prehaps you do to probably why you have a stick up ur butt...

     Anyways ,,,,,right now im debating on another child ( which i debated and choose one more) ... Prehaps i could have a normal pregnancy  this time...Pretty normal last pregnancy had a vasa previa scare for a few months with him but everything turned out good.


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