Mom to 2 sweet Girls!
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"I need a new babysitter, if you know of anyone pls contact me!!"
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    This may get long, but about me....

    I am a 29 yr old married mom of 2 girls. I work part time at Mary Wood Weldon Library in glasgow. My husband and I have been married almost 7 yrs but been together for 9 1/2.  We are told we are envrionmental hippies, etc. which is just fine with us!

    I am a Capricorn. Sometimes I'm shy and others outgoing, I used to be a huge prude and it peeks out every now and again. I'm very stubborn and emotional.

    I'm learning to be very happy with what is/the present moment and not looking to the outside world/other ppl to make me happy. I'm on a personal journey of change for the better. To be more spiritual, a deeper, better person, getting to know myself, take part in deep conversations, think about things and try to help change the world.

    I love being a mom. Its an amazing gift to be my girls' mom, they are the closest thing to perfection in every way that I have ever seen, I can just look at them and get lost,, I made them and they are great little people, so much like me and so beautiful. I'm thankful every day for them and I'm learning a lot about being a parent.

    I am a big advocate of Hip Displaysia because myself and my DD were both born with it. I am told I am a wealth of knowledge on the subject. I think its important to educate ppl about this condition and get early screening because its missed a lot and gets diagnosed later and it should be at birth.

    A few extra things about me.......  I am a huge computer dork or maybe just a dork in general. I'm obsessed with the Twilight series of books and the movie and an avid reader of a lot of other books too. I love yoga, swimming, gardening and music. Music just touches so deep for every mood and can help you thru life so much. I am also a very liberal Democrat, pro gay rights, and pro choice.

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