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    leone wrote at 8:22 PM on Aug. 6 , 2007


    thank u all for writting i haven't forgotten anyone either i have been busy tryin to get a nursing job thats on call staffing and all the application work goes through the mail and all so thank you .

    countrymomr325 wrote at 12:51 PM on Aug. 6 , 2007


    Hello I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I havne't forgotton about you or any of my friends. Summer keeps us outdoors and busy. Our Garden is full of life, which means I'm busy canning for the fall! I pray that all is well for you and your family!
    ~God bless you~

    sassy71 wrote at 9:06 AM on Jul. 15 , 2007


    Good Morning, I hope U had a great weekend.

    smhagiepooh wrote at 11:25 AM on Apr. 20 , 2007


    Good Morning and have a Great Weekend

    countrymomr325 wrote at 1:27 PM on Apr. 12 , 2007


    How is your family doing....Great I hope...Might I had that I think you are an awesome person!
    ~God bless you~

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