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    10 things about me:

    1) I love spending time with my new baby boy, husband, and nieces (1 1/2 & 2 1/2).  They are awesome!!

    2) I work for an internet servicing company

    3) I have a wild dog...she's crazy.  She used to be the baby...now she's just a dog. 

    4) I like to get my nails & hair done. 

    5) I am pretty outgoing, and one heck of a friend...if I say so myself.  lol

    6) I like guns & everything to do with them. 

    7) I've been to Hawaii & Mexico on vacations in the past 2 years.  This is the first year we didn't vacation ... with a new baby & all.

    8) I dislike selfish self centered people. 

    9) I HATE when parents put themselves and their needs over the needs of their children.  If that is how someone thinks...they shouldn't have had kids in the first place.

    10) My fav color is purple

    I'm sure I'll come back on here & add/edit this sometime.  :)  I'm pretty easy to get along with. 

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