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    Here it is March and rainy once again!  I'm sooooo tired of snow and rain...and just plain dreary overcast days!  I am so sick of the winter and almost springtime...all I'm asking for is a few days of warmth and sunshine!  Is that too much to ask?  Maybe...but I'm still asking for it!  lol

    Holiday Hellos!

    It's two days after Christmas here on the old farmstead and the boys are sitting here at the table playing with Christmas toys!  My mind seems to be running at 100+ mph going in noH particular direction this morning!

    Our Christmas was absolutely wonderful and blessed!  The wee ones were so much fun to watch as they ripped off the pretty paper Santa had wrapped their gifts in!  I'm not sure but I think Billy Joe had more fun unwrapping his gifts then he did playing with them at first!  Such is life with a two year old! lol

    I think it was an amazing holiday for all my kids and their families and they are ready to begin a brand new year with hopes, dreams, and exciting plans!  It was a very hard ending to 2010 for our family with the death of Aaron, but I'm sure he is looking down from heaven and smiling at his cousin's discovered commitment to his lady and their son!

    Blessings to everyone and wishes for a blessed 2011!

    Love and hugsss!