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"Fall is in the air! How's it feel where you live?"


  • Location: Palestine, TX
  • Mommy to one VIBRANT lil boy
  • Interests: web design, web development, discovery toys, cooking, cleaning, internet, exercise, dieting,... more
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  • Nathan
    Nathan 11 years old

    Nathan is 200% boy :)

  • Hey There! Nice to Meet You!

    My Family Is My Inspiration, Motivation, & My WHY!


    About Me

    Hi, my name is Shara. I am a single mom to one little boy, Nathan. I hail from HOT, Sunny Texas where summers are scorching and winters are spring, lol. I am a major foodie and love to cook but baking, not so much. My absolute favorite color is pink and I am a chevron print advocate :) I believe parenting is an adventure and no road is the same for two people. I think humor and laughter heal the body and the soul, so I do my best to provide both!

    I am a stay at home, work at home mom. When I’m not doing the “mom thing”, I am designing super cute and stylish blogs for other females, moms, and wives (okay, there IS an occasional dude here and there :)) through my blog design studio – Simply Creativ Design Solutions ( I started designing  in 2007 when I started working from home with a company as a representative. I needed a website and decided to learn how to do it myself. I never knew that my need for a little website would turn into a necessary creative outlet that I absolutely can NOT imagine my life without. My business officially launched in 2008 and I haven’t looked back since!

    Random Facts

    I am a MAJOR foodie! I love experiencing new restaurants and recreating my family’s favorite dishes at home. I have a passion for cooking. Baking – not so much.

    I LOVE fonts! My next mission in life is to learn how to create my own fonts. I like girly, handwritten, super cute fonts and I am always up for a new font!

    I am afraid of heights! Like a major scaredy-cat…Really…I’m serious.

    I have food allergies – blech, I know. But by paying attention, I lead a normal life and enjoy lots of food!

    I have one little sister and one big brother. I also have another little sister that is informally adopted – basically she needed a big sister and I’ve been proudly doing the job all our lives.

  • True Leader's Creed

     am committed to being a True Leader

    That's it from this day forward.
    My Choice is irreversible
    I fear not the unknown.
    I will do whatever it takes.

    I won't look back, let up, slow down, or back away. I am finished and done with average living, small  planning, fruitless dreams, wishful thinking, small talk, chintzy giving, and dwarfed goals. I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, diluted, or delayed.

    I will stand firm and hold my ground
    in the face of sacrifice, not hesitate in the presence of challenges, not back down on the field of battle or allow popularity to interfere with my purpose.

    I will set an example, be the example and lead by example.  I will not look left, nor will I look right, for I will always look up.

    I will never settle for less than the best that I am. My integrity and honesty will never be compromised.

    I will be true to my own convictions,
    whistle my own tune through my own lips 
    and march to the sound of my own drums.

    I have committed to being...A True Leader

    Dr. Herb Oliver