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    Just the Facts, Ma'm

    -I love my life, even though its hard as heck sometimes.

    -I chose the path I'm on. None of this was an accident.

    -I'm married to a man who drives me completely crazy...but I love him. Plus, he's the only one who will put with me.

    -I have a son named Maverick. Let's just say he lives up his a name.

    -I love Jesus.

    -I work part-time outside the home. Full-time inside it.

    -I love to read and cook. So, naturally, I like cookbooks.

    -I am a champion napper. If napping were an Olympic sport, I could take home the gold.

    -I'm a quitter by nature. If I'm not immediately good at something I tend to give up. Not my greatest quality.

    -I have a slight Napoleon Complex. I'm the girl who used to take up the whole chalkboard at school just to write down one equation. And I'm loud. Very loud.

    -I'm an instigator.

    -I'm the firstborn of my parents', but the middle-born of my mom. And I was the baby of the family for eight years. Try your Birth-Order Psychology out on that.

    -I'm hate mosquitos and any other biting insect.