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    Okay Things about me My name is Elizabeth (my friends call me liz)

    1. well first im me.

    2. im a Army wife , im very proud of what my  husband does, he is my hero and the love of my life.

    3. Im a mother  have have three great kids, they drive me crazy but i love um.

    4. i eat when im streesed, and workin hard on over coming that.

    5. i love to have fun.



    8.grew up in Alaska


    10. im pretty easy going, im not hard to get along .

    11. im honest

    12. my friends and family mean the world to me with out them i would go crazy.



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    • Caitlin Caitlin 10 years old
    • emma emma 12 years old
    • aaron aaron 14 years old
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