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  • "I yan what I yam", and I have reasons for being what I yam!

    I was born and raised in So. Cal.

    I moved from there to Camden Ar. at about the age of 29 even though I don't care for living in the south.

    I moved to Hawaii in 2005 due to my husband being stationed there.

    I sepreated from my husband but still lived in the same house from  2008 to 2009 (one year) Then left with my four kids and stayed with friends in So. Cal for the month of Aug. 2009.

    I moved to Kalamazoo, MI Sept. 2009 with my kids and what could fit in my Expadition. 

    Oct 2010 update  - Moving ot Springfield, MO.

    I was talked out of going to collage by a religious leader when I was 19. I am now back in collage finally just this semester. I love working in the arts, I like to film, write, sing, do photography. However, thoses areas are unstable and a gfamble for me to pursue. If something just lands inmy lap, then cool. But I need to get a degree in something I can make money at and take care of my kids. So, I've chosen the psyc area of Law Enforcement.I;ve got to get used to this homework thing. lol

    I've chosen Wicca as my religion because it gives my kids and me room to be ourselves and to be a help to the world around us. I will not raise them with fear and manipulation like I was raised.

    I'm a very friendly and social and I tend to use my sense of humor even when I'm not happy. lol Feel free to add me as long as your not trying to sell me something or witness to me! :) )0(


    I have not liked that I tend to jump on band wagons about myself and i have been put down for it at times as well.

    I have changed my mind about that recently. I understand now that there is nothing wrong with being passionate about helping others.

    I WILL......

    I will continue to do whatever I can to promote the issues I believe are important and understand. I will be even more passionate and more ambitious as I learn how to be. I will no longer be intimidated by frivolous people who use their clickish attitudes to try to put me in my place. place is a high place, I am climbing my mountain and I will reach the top. I will help who ever when ever I can when I see the need. This is who I am and no one will take that away from me!!!

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