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    Sophia 9 years old
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    Mom. Wife. Travel Agent, Professional Wanderluster, and Ameteur Photographer.

    I've been happily (more or less) married for almost 15 years, and we have two amazing individuals we are lucky enough to call our children.  

    My 11 year old son is a fantastic musician, and plays the drums, guitar, bass, and sings (puberty is putting a kink into that one).  He also has Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, Anxiety, and OCD.  Those are just little things though.  In  our house, we don't let little words like "Syndrome" and "Disorder" hold us back.

    My sweet little girl is 8, and loves playing competitive soccer and horseback riding.  She is Dyslexic, but again, we don't let little things like that hold us back.  She is one of the most compassionate people I know, and I swear she's an old soul.  She has also learned that winking in her adorable little way will more than likely cause her Dad to cave and give her whatever she wants.

    I love to travel and take photos of almost anything (there are a few things even I won't shoot).  I am constantly daydreaming about different bucket list destinations I'd like to visit, and constantly bombard my poor husband with the latest and greatest.

    I work from home as a Travel Agent, and while most would think this is ideal since my children are at school all day, let me just say this... DOGS.  We have a Pit Bull pup that barks at everything.  While this is great as a deterent to would be criminals thinking to ransack my home, it's not so great when I'm on the phone.  He has now been banned from my office, and likes to pout right outside the door.  We also have two older dogs, and while they may bark on garbage day when the truck rumbles down the street, for the most part they look at the Pup like he's a moron.

    So, that's me.  If you'd like to know anything else, I'm an open book for the most part.  

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