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    • James James 10 years old

      My 3rd and final little...

    • Robby Robby 13 years old

      Robby has cerebral palsy,...

    • Kenny Kenny 15 years old

      Kenny is very intelligent,...

    • Jesse Jesse 28 years old

      Jesse is the youngest of...

    • Tara Tara 30 years old

      Tara is the middle of batch...

    • Samantha Samantha 35 years old

      Samantha is all grown up...

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    My little Halloweenies

    by mamatware posted at 9:29 AM on Nov. 2 , 2009


    The only possible illness is the damn swine flu!!!

    by mamatware posted at 10:41 AM on Sep. 8 , 2009


    Thank you Cafemom and Target!!!

    by mamatware posted at 3:03 PM on Sep. 5 , 2009


    To the jerk who tried to break into my van......

    by mamatware posted at 2:06 PM on Aug. 17 , 2009

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    Elyssa414 wrote at 11:17 PM on Dec. 23 , 2009


    Hope you have a wonderful holiday week!! *hugs* to you and your beautiful family!!

    MommyJanice44 wrote at 12:16 PM on Dec. 20 , 2009


    i hope you have a Merry xmas , happy new year . MISS YOU BIG TIME IN THE GROUPS .. HUGS HONEY .. LOVES TO YOU

    best163 wrote at 1:57 AM on Dec. 12 , 2009


    Hi, thanks for add..........

    MommyJanice44 wrote at 10:31 PM on Nov. 30 , 2009


    Hey Lady . Thinking about you .. Miss you too .. Hope everyone is doing good . God bless you .. Hope you can get back with us soon . Just not the same without ya .. hugs honey .. Have a relaxing time this Christmas season too .. Janice Mr Man Kyle .. he is doing ok .. changes for him are sooo hard ..

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  • A bit about me.......

    I am a stay at home work at home mom.  I have 6 kids total.  Her, his and ours.  They range in age from almost 1 year old to 25 years old. 

    Some things about me:

    1. I may play the role, but don't dare call me granny.

    2. I love to cook and sew.

    3.  Robby-middle of batch 2, has cerebral palsy, mild mental retardation and autistic tendencies.

    4.  Don't worry, I figured it tubes are tied.

    5. I believe no one is perfect, so quit trying to be!!!

    6. I have a college degree in Special Education, and use it daily with Robby.

    7.  Most people think I am nuts....but don't have all the evidence to prove it....but trust me it's out there!

    8.  My husband keeps bugging me about what I want for answer won't change until I get a PADDED ROOM!

    9. I am very proud of the fact that somehow I am back down to my "before having kids" weight and size!!!  Except for shoes-kids made me go from a 7 1/2 to a 9!!!

    10.  My family is my life!

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