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    bite back?

    by mattymama posted at 9:01 PM on Feb. 19 , 2008


    oh heloise--help!

    by mattymama posted at 9:37 AM on Dec. 22 , 2007


    the lights are on but nobodys home.

    by mattymama posted at 11:18 PM on Dec. 2 , 2007

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    i'm colorblind. (folding socks=PITA) i have a ba in psych, planning on getting my ma in marriage and family therapy and have worked in social services for a measley three years. i hate bad spelling. i hate people who drive 35mph in the left lane. i havent had a cigarette in 1year/7 mos/12days/and 47 min.... ....but who's counting?i used to drink coffee by the gallon. i now drink only tulsi or ccf tea . marley always puts a smile on my face, and matty to sleep! im an absolute bonafide beatle freak. esp. the latter years...oh but the early years are so groundbreaking..(tough call..such renagades those moptops). i looooove to ski. i love walking my dog. i hate arrogance.i love yoga when i actually get my arse in gear and do it....i praticularly like bikram -- but ohhh thats so bad for the pitta constitution. freud,erikson,adler, and james fascinate me. (yes i actually said freud) psych of religion gets me theory abnormal is fantastic but-- oh shite in practice its a whole new world. Ayurveda fascinates me -- i know next to nothing about it, and maybe that is why. only when one knows all will it perhaps become common the way...i'm also waiting patiently for big hair to make a comeback.i think cio is aa bunch of crap-- ive worked with too many kids to say otherwise."Parents should recognize that having their babies cry unnecessarily harms the baby permanently. It changes the nervous system so they're sensitive tofuture trauma." - Dr. Michael Commons, Dept of Psychiatry, Harvard

    thank you and good night.

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    Hey there, I see your from Connecticut too! Great to see fellow Connecticut Moms on here. I run a group called Connecticut Moms Chattin' Id like to invite you to, its small and we are looking to grow, come get to know us!

    kadenari wrote at 9:37 PM on Sep. 12 , 2009


    hey! hows it going?? drove by your road the other day while we were looking at houses:) hope you are well!

    J-M wrote at 6:57 PM on Jul. 14 , 2009


    How's the divorce coming (or going?)