mother of 3 ages 6 8 and 15
Location: arlington tx
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    10 things you should know about me

    1 i love my kids. love every minute i have with them. wish we had more money to have a bigger house cause id soooo have more

    2 i draw. im working on illustrating a book i wrote for kids. hoping to get it finished some time soon

    3 i garden. love flowers. were looking to move and i plan to dig em all up and take em with me. but truthfully ill do anything to be outside.

    4 im really strong for a woman. i have no problem with lifting and moving heavy things. trying to teach my kids never ask some one to do for you what youcan do for your self.

    5 im from a really big family thats probably why im so comfy around kids. i have 5 sisters and one brother. same 2 parents and no were not catholic. just worked out that way.

    6 i used to do tech support for a long time but i dont do it anymore cause i get asked to often to do free support for every one. if i do all that i wind up with no time with my family. plus since ive been a stay at home mom im out of the loop for the most part

    7. i love to sing. just about anything. i love sarah mclachlan and tori amos. etc but i also listen to current hip hop and some rap i prefer old country if im gonna listen to it seems like todays all sounds the same.

    8. i would love to learn to play the guitar i can play a little piano but i think its messing up how i relate the guitar.

    9. im a neat freak. kate gosslins got nothing on me. cant help it. disorganization really bugs me .

    10 i love tv and movies. my dvr is always full and we watch on demand all the time. plus with tapes and dvds our collection is near 200. lots are kid movies but i love those too :)