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  • SAHM and homeschooler of my 2 little men and our small zoo
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      An old soul in a little body

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    Live 2 Learn !!!! Not just learn 2 live!

    by mellowmommy64 posted at 8:40 AM on Jan. 23 , 2009

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    Born and raised in NJ and now living in snowy PA.  I have had the luxury of a good education and world travel. Becuase of a very hard working single mom that raised my younger brother, sister and I

     I married in my 30's and had 2 boys.  This past year my boys dad passed away at the age of 47 from a rare form of cancer.   He and I had separated a few years back and I raised the boys alone while he sorted out his life.  

     I worked in NYC for a while but just counldn't do the corporate prision anymore. So gave up the pricey address, new car And moved to PA.

      We have tried public school & private catholic school, also Virtual Public school And now home schooling. But this year my high school junior did community college and next year the youngest is going to a performing arts charter school.   Education like  us are an ever evolving work in progress.

    I love nature and like to cook, enjoy the arts and music. and making crafts with the kids. As a family for outdoor activies we hike, horseback ride and snow ski but now I mostlydo yoga to stay in shape.   I am usually on the computer reading and learning all the time. 

    I would say I am very spiritual but not religious.  The dogma of religion isnt my thing.  Raised catholic, I follow it formally to apease my family and their father.   I have had my share of addictions and addicts in my life and never "found God".   The God I worship was there all the time.  I just chose to ignore him at times in my life.

     I believe in Attachment Parenting before it was cool.  Natural child birth with a mid-wife and nursed them both till they where 3 yrs old.  I don't really yell or punish my children ever.  I raise them to be thinking adults.  I work to build them up us people and teach them. I try not tear down their spirits and souls with anger and hate. Speaking of hate,  I hate 2 clean but love a clean house LOL , don't we all .

    We have lots of pets and the kinda house you can live in and get dirty ," Homes are for self expression not 1st impressions" !!!! moms rockdrinking 


    Welcome to my kitchen, can I get you a cup of coffee?


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