I'm a proud mom of one daughter, Melissa Lynn 26years old and 3 grandbabies 5mo.,3yrs,and6yrs
Location: Mohawk Ny.
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    • Melissa Melissa 35 years old

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    New years resolutions

    by memawx3 posted at 10:05 AM on Jan. 7 , 2009

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    Hello , My name is Frances but, I go by Fran. I just turned 60 in November .I had to take a medical retirement because I hurt my back while lifting a lady I was caring for.and since then it was discovered I have degenerative disk disease.I'm collecting workers comp and SSD. I use a cane and or a walker as needed. I'd rather not need either.I used to be quite active and it really bothers Me that i can't do what I used to  but, I don't let it get Me down.

     Write poetry.mostly abou tMy faith in God.I also have writen about My family and Friends.It's just something I've always been able to do.Someone says something ,or I see a something as simple as a sunset and I'm off.LOL

    I think I have a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and cry while watching a good movie. I love to help others with advice (from all My many years of living) Laughing at Myself.but only with others.

    I dearly love being around the elderly, listening to their tales of their youth and bygone years.I volunteer at a local nursing home for a Bible study. I love to sing country group huggospel. and Loretta lynn songs.

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    • Bird Nipper...

      Yellow parakeet. and one white w/ blue sprinkles

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  • I love babies

    Why I Support This Cause
    I could only have one child.And I was truly blessed with Her
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  • New Year's Resolution

    This Year memawx3 Resolves to:

    Volunteer to Help Others

    How will this resolution have an effect on memawx3?

    By helping others,I am really helping Myself as it helps Me not think about all My problems when I'm busy thinking about others.

    How will this resolution have an effect on memawx3's family?

    I hope it will help them to see that they aren't the be end all of the universe.maybe,just maybe it will help them to want to be more helpful with others if they see all the benifits I'm getting out of it.

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