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  • My Personal Story!!!

    Hello!! My name is Maria Rappa and I'm a Regional Vice President for Ameriplan. I have two beautiful children and they are WHY I work from home.

    I spent many years in corporate America in the Hotel/Travel industry. It was a wonderful career and I got to travel to many many places. But, once my 1stchild arrived, I did not know how I was going to go back to work and leave him every time I had to take a trip. Well, that lasted about 3 months and I decided I could not work like this anymore. I quit my job and my husband thought I was absolutely crazy. I started to work part time for the company I left and I did this for many years but it did not allow me the flexibility that I needed with my schedule for my kids. And they are my everything. I wanted something that would work around them.

    Of course most people thought I was in a dream world. So, then I tried one of those internet travel businesses and that did not work. And I did Mary Kay and that was great but I did not have the time to go out and do all those house parties and fairs. But I kept on looking and then I came across Ameriplan. And what I loved most about what I read and researched was the fact that they were a service based company with no products and I get to set my own days and hours. All I needed was my phone and computer to work. I knew this was it!!

    This was exactly my DREAM. And I have been with Ameriplan for almost 7 years and I am on my way to the TOP!!! And I am looking for individuals to take with me.

    So please, come JOIN me on this wonderful journey of SUCCESS!!!

    Request An Interview Today!!!

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    IS:  rappa_maria

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    So if you have a question, please let me know. I'm am happy to answer and help you to Start Working from home TODAY!!!