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  • Location: Edgewood, MD
  • Mommy of 2 Lil Boys!
  • Interests: movies, music, cooking, scrapbooking, decorating, pets, career development
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    Hi all! My name is Jessica, I'm 24 and I have a 2 year old son and another little boy on the way, his name will be Angelo! Anthony's a little fireball, always keeps me on my toes! His father and I are together, not married.. yet :O) I work full time most of the time is spent here with you lovely ladies lol!


    I'm pro choice. anti abortion, pro gay rights, I am very liberal

    Scary movies are my favorite, then action and a chick flick here and there is always good

    I like all type of music with R&B being my favorite!

    I love to dress cute, but refuse to pay too much, I'm a great bargain shopper (and you'd never know it) and have recently realized that I'm addicted to online shopping.

    I'm incredibly honest, sometimes it pisses people off, I'm trying to bite my tongue more often.

    I like to scrapbook and play outside with my family and our dog. Holidays are my FAVORITE! I'm incredibly family oriented.. I'm Italian, we love our fam!

    I am a shoe FREAK! All my co workers pick on me about it.

    I'm pretty intelligent bookwise, but damn I shoulda been a blonde! lol

    I'm a neat freak! Not a fan of drama but I can get sucked in :O)

    I'm a loving, doting mom that's not afraid to spank when it's needed (but I really hate doing it)

    I circ, I vax, CIO, BF&FF



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