Mom of one cute little girl
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    grandeboys wrote at 4:05 PM on Feb. 11 , 2010


    Happy Birthday! Take lots of pictures on this special day. Learn how to take better pictures by entering in contests, do a showdown, and have some help you along the way. Join us at

    adoramydear wrote at 2:18 AM on Dec. 20 , 2009


    Hello, I wanted to invite you to our morbid group.

    mazomama wrote at 10:41 PM on Jul. 20 , 2009


    Hey just noticed you work at the coffee shop in Verona! I have always wanted to stop in there since i live in Belleville but havent had the chance....when you said it was 'kid' friendly in you post, did you mean there are things set up for the kids to do there? or do other moms set up get togethers?

    sheila771 wrote at 9:47 PM on Jul. 19 , 2009


    Come check out this group called Its Your Dime!! We are currently looking for Admins, and people who want to be active. Hope to see you there. http://www.cafemom.com/group/itsyourdime

    marisab wrote at 7:06 AM on Jun. 3 , 2009


    Good Mornin' would u benteresed in being a playgroup hostess and chat admin???

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    I believe every mother has a right to her own opinion. I also believe in my right to tell said mother she is wrong. I am an extremely clean person if I am at a party and am bored I will start compulsively cleaning up the mess. I love kids so much that I was a nanny for four years and raised the families youngest son. I use to be able to drink most people under the table but since having a baby I have lost all ability to drink excessively and that I am truly sad about. It will take a lot of work to build that back up. I would love a second child but only if I am guaranteed that the next one will be much better then this one. So I guess we will stick with the magic number one for children.

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