Mother of 2 kid(s)
Location: small town texas
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    • Boy 19 years old
    • Girl 21 years old
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    1. Kids should always be #1- even when they drive you nuts!

    2. All kids should know what sheets dried on a clothesline smell like.

    3. Hamburger Helper is not a home-cooked meal.

    4. You are your child's parent, not their best friend.

    5. Even tweens like tuck-ins and bedtime stories! (even if they won't admit it to anyone else!)

    6. Stay at home moms do, in fact, WORK!  A lot!

    7. Every home should have a little dust.  Not giant dust dinos- just a little dust!

    8. The little things count a lot more than the big things.

    9. Never leave your kids without telling them you love them.

    10. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. Or child.

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