Mom of 2 great kids :)
Location: white house on a country road
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    • Jane Jane 14 years old
    • Trey Trey 17 years old
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    I collect...

    by mom2tandj00 posted at 4:48 PM on Sep. 27 , 2008


    A little break...every year

    by mom2tandj00 posted at 4:40 PM on Sep. 27 , 2008

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    Hmmmm about me.....

    1. I love my family

    2. I am addicted to my computer

    3. I really need to find willpower and lose weight

    4. I drink, and smoke

    5. I am a quiet person....once were close I am very chatty

    6. Liars suck

    7. We have a pitbull, his name is ABU

    8. I am a pretty good cook

    9. I like drinking wine


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