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    I'm a different type of girl, I have my own unique likes and personality. I'm fun to hang with, and i love my friends and family! I am a big time dare devil & I love heights. I love sports, roller coasters, concerts, traveling, dancing, and of course having a good time. I have the best man anyone could imagine, our relationship is literally like no other, and everything about us together is everything i've ever wanted. We just had our first son arrive, Zayden, and he is the most incredible gift that's ever came into my life! We already can't wait to add more additions to this amazing family we have!

    <3 -- Before Zayden was conceived, Nick and I made a promise to ourselves that we were gonna be the only providers for our child before he/she got here. We did nothing but stick to that promise. I am so proud of us and how great this family already is! Nick is my best friend & hero.. and we will continue to make it through anything together! It's really unbelievable how much he has done & provided for me every single day for the past year and a half.. and not because he feels he has to, but because he loves to. I never thought it was possible to love and be loved by someone this much. True love may be rare for most, but as for Nick & I, our relationship is proof there really IS such a thing. He is so much more amazing than anybody could ever think. Everything he loves doing for me, the smallest things he notices, the feeling we have we both never thought exists.. makes an incomparable bond only us two can share with each other! -- <3


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