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  • The Only Fun Laundry! LOL

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      Child's Burping Cloth (color)
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      Child's Burping Cloth (color)
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      Child's Socks (color)
    Let's work together and get the laundry done!!! Bless ya!!!
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  • The Ten Commandments cajun style that is!




    Gods Top 10

     Don't Do Dat List!

    1) God is number 1 an dere an't no number 2.

    2) Don't pray to no rock or stick...jus God.

    3) Don't cus nobody specially da Good Lord.

    4) It's Sunday - make a pass by god's house.

    5) You folks dun did it all...listen to dem.

    6) Killin dem duck an goose dats ok, ...people no!

    7) God did done give you a wife,... sleep wit jus her.

    8) Don't take nobody pirogue or anything else.

    9) Stop lyin you tongue gonna fall out.

    10) Don't waste you thinkin on somebody else's stuff.


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