I have eight children. My husband has four. We have a grand total of twelve !
Location: Piqua, Ohio
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"Grandbaby number 19 is due in December. Another granddaughter."

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    Hi,  my name is Becky. I am married to a wonderful, loving man.  I have eight children AND eight grandchildren.  I am interested in fitness and eating healthy.  I work at a large global company in their mail center.  I have a yorkie named Chesney and am keeping three of my kid's cats (one cat is 20 years old). Update...The 20 year old cat died at the age of 21.  I would like to hear from anyone out there.



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    no1coachmom wrote at 1:35 PM on Apr. 23 , 2016


    Hello There:
    Happy Saturday.
    May your day be as fresh as the
    dew drops on the leaves, as bright
    as the rays of the sun, and as beautiful as the blooming flowers

    DreamWeaver669 wrote at 6:22 AM on Jul. 27 , 2015


    I would like to invite you to 2 wonderful groups


    We offer free readings...guidance/ and so much more


    Being haunted and need advice/guidance?

    Seeking a medium to contact a passed loved one?

    Like ghost stories/hauntings...legends/ghost photos?

    CrazyDaisy123 wrote at 10:16 PM on Jul. 16 , 2015


    Hi and Welcome to Baby Boomers, Empty Nesters Young at Heart. We are very glad to have you with us. Our group consists of a great group of women and we look forward in getting to know you and look forward to your postings and replies.

    catloveralways wrote at 10:17 AM on Jan. 22 , 2015


    at 8:53 AM on Jan. 22 , 2015
    Your invited to a group for older Women, Baby Boomers, or empty nesters.

    rhodaj wrote at 8:55 PM on Jan. 21 , 2015


    Welome to Baby Boomers; Empty Nesters; & Young at Heart. Glad to have you. Come on in and join in with the fun and games. We have a bingo game starting on the 26th make sure u sign up for that. There is always something going on

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