Mom to a monster 2 year old and one on the way!
Location: Portage, Indiana
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    Artistachica wrote at 8:21 PM on Mar. 7 , 2010



    I saw you just joined the Babies group, welcome!

    I hope you will stop by again soon, so we can start to get to know you more.

    Honeybun09 wrote at 11:07 PM on Mar. 4 , 2010


    Hi there! I'm Kendall and I'm a mod for the "Babies" group. I noticed that you've recently had a baby. Congratulations! I was wondering if you wanted to join the Babies group and share stories, pictures, get advice about your baby, give advice to other moms about their babies, etc. If you would like to join and check out the Babies group, you can follow the link. I hope to see you there!

    grandeboys wrote at 12:38 AM on Feb. 11 , 2010


    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Soon you'll be enjoying a bundle of joy. Why not learn about your camera now. You'll want to take lots of pictures of your new born. The best way to learn how to take better picture is by entering in contests. The more you do them the better you get. Way don't you join us at

    luvbeinamommy68 wrote at 7:55 PM on Jan. 2 , 2010


    well im glad that she isnt measuring big! we dont think im going to have another 10 lb baby lol. im very uncomfortable also, but mostly just so tired! i was told the other day i have alleriges so that just makes it oh so much more fun lmao!

    luvbeinamommy68 wrote at 9:51 PM on Jan. 1 , 2010


    how is your pregnancy going? hope its going good!

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