Homeschooling mom to 4**<3
Location: T-Town, Alabama
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    • This lovely doll is my red...

    • This is my only son. So he...

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    First Post, First Group,

    by mrs_kitty posted at 12:59 PM on Dec. 20 , 2007

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    LaughingI love a good piece of chocolate

    I LOVE Twilight

    I love playing computer games

    I love office supplies

    I love romance

    I love a good debate

    I love houseplants

    I love to crochet

    I hate guys who think they can abuse women

    I hate that life just isn't fair

    I hate that children and animals have to suffer

    I hope to one day make a difference!

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    Save Money

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    ill be able to create a savings for future emergencies.

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    Save us a lot of worrying

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