Proud mother of 2 perfect little boys!!!
Location: Mishawaka IN
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    My name is Mychelle and I live in Mishawaka IN. If you have known me long you know that this is the 6th moved since 2005. But it seems like we might actually be here more the a couple years.

    For now I am a stay at home mom again. I am looking for a job but we moved here because my husband got a raise and so I am being a little picky about where I work. I want to find the right job not just a job.

    I have been married to my hubby Bryan for a 5 years now but we are high school sweethearts and have been together for 16 years.We have a 7 year old son Takoda and a 2 year old Braxten. We are a sports family, everything revolves around soccer, football and hockey this year we have added basketball.  

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    Ten things you should know about me.

    1. My family comes first now and always.

    2. If I got the chance to move back closer to home I would leave tomorrow.

    3. I talk ....alot.

    4. I am fiercly passionate about many things and if we get into a discussion about one of thoes things I will get stubborn.

    5. I would rather watch the game or the fight or the match with the men then chat with the women.

    6. I take my kids everywhere. If my kids are not welcome don't invite me.

    7. I am desperately trying to find the motivation to lose 50 pounds. I have lost 80 in the past few years but stalled out and would love to drop the rest finally.

    8.I love to cook...but I can not boil water.

    9. I love being a SAHM but some days I wish I could go to work.

    10. My husband is my best friend and I tell him everything...always.

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