A perfect Princess who is me to a T and a handsome little Prince who we are still trying to figure o
Location: Abilene, Texas
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    • Boy Jeremy Jr 9 years old
    • Girl Addison 10 years old
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    Having a baby is the best thing I could have done in this world. My life is now complete...
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    Location (city/state or as specific as you feel comfortable posting publicly): Abilene, Texas

    Do you spin, knit, crochet, weave, or do some other fibery craft? Crochet only.. Would love to learn to knit, but I can't get both hands to work @ the same time.. LOL

    What are your favorite items to make? Amigurumi’s! Anything really for my kids.. They are my testers and then after I test I make others and give them away!!!

    What do you absolutely hate to make? I really haven't found anything yet??

    Do you need anything for your fiber addiction? (needles, other notions, etc) I am not sure, can anyone ever have enough of anything??? I would love to find some colored safety eyes, I dont know where to get them

    Do you have too much of anything and really don’t need another? Stitch markers, I dont really knit yet, sooo they kind of just take up space (even tho it's little space)

    What are your favorite colors? i LOVE all colors of green

    What colors do you hate? pink

    What are your favorite fibers, yarn types, and yarn weights? I really only have access to Lion Brand yarn and Red Heart around here in my small town so I don't know anything else

    Fiber/yarn hates? no see above

    What are your other hobbies/interests? Reading, cross stitch, scrapbooking, facebooking, Pogo, my kids, collecting handbags (dooney, coach, etc) and traveling.

    Favorite foods/snacks/other edibles (or drinkables)? Chocolate, hot tea and coke

    Edibles/drinkables you hate? cheese

    Do you have any pets (feel free to list names, breeds, species, etc!) A Pug, Lennox..

    Do you smoke or living in a smoking home? No & No

    What do you like? (collections, themes, etc) Frogs and Llamas and Pugs

    What do you dislike? (in other words, don’t send me this stuff!) Soaps ( we can't use them)

    Allergic to anything? Soaps

    Favorite Clothing Item? jeans, hoodies, uggs, croc sandals!