Mother of 6 grown children and 10 grandchildren.
Location: Lynwood, Illinois
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    Goodbye Little House

    by myrrh posted at 12:52 PM on Apr. 10 , 2007


    Born Naked

    by myrrh posted at 7:13 PM on Mar. 4 , 2007

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    I believe strongly in full-time parenting (whether it be mom or dad); but realize that in today's world, it is not always possible.  Natural is best (home birth, breastfeeding, family bed, etc.).  I tend to be very liberal and open-minded with my kids.

    I have twenty years of experience with home schooling and now offer my services as a homeschool consultant and tutor. In addition, I just completed my bachelor's degree in psychology and will be pursuing a master's degree in counseling, beginning in August 2011.

    During my more than thirty years of parenting, I have: lived on a single, below-poverty level income; coped with a son who suffers terribly from OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and other anxiety-related disorders; experienced marital stress and it's repercussions on my own mental health; and am now helping my now young-adult children complete the transition to grown-up life.

    Some of the most rewarding aspects of parenting has been giving birth in my own bed, trying to nurse a giggling toddler, getting to know who my kids really are, and watching my kids develop according to their own innate talents, abilities, and interests.

    Since this is a "mommy space," I feel compelled to be honest: There was a period in my mothering history that I was abusive and detached from my children and I will always feel great shame and regret for that time in our lives. Mostly, I am amazed that - considering all we've been through as a family - my children are all becoming wonderful adults and are becoming people that I would find interesting and likeable even if they weren't mine.

    So, now that my children are all adults, I have moved on to the next phase of my life. Although I will always be a mom, because my children are now grown, I can finally be selfish and self-indulgent and it was well-worth the wait! Still, I feel like I am giving birth once again...this time, to myself.