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    I am retired Mom from the Army.  Who is now a Domestic Engineer.  My husband is a Transportation Manager.  I enjoy my 3 children and my husband.  I like to do so many things; some of my favorites are cooking and baking, collecting recipes & cookbooks,camp fires, yoga,  quilting,swimming, taking a stroll in the moonlight,reading,  ,walking,going to the park with the kids,going for long rides & going up North, scrap booking,bowling softball,baseball. I feel you never ever have enough friends and it never ever hurts to make a new one. I like to make new friends person,chatting with friends on line,I enjoy the outdoors,camping,making sand castles at the beach sitting in the shade and read ,boating,hiking,biking,making soap, cheesecake & lasagna, for church functions & for the family, sleeping and staying up all night  talking to my friends on line making sun tea,   making cupcakes,grilling out even in the winter, making cookies, ice cream, making place mats,   coaching,volunteering,I love to watch sports as well as play them. my son plays football,basketball,baseball.  The coaches has said if he sticks with baseball he will be a great pitcher. etc, I have so many hobbies and interest there are so many to list. My softball team of 3 & 4 graders won their league and the playoffs,  My younger daughter is a member of my team I am so proud of the little ladies, they deserve this and they worked so hard to achieve greatness.  My Paige is the fastest one on the team.  She wants to run cross-country  track when she gets older& get a softball scholarship into MSU or UofM. I  was a coach again for the summer of 2009.  I took a team who 99% of the team was girls who not ever played ball in their lives & took them to an almost 2nd place finish  We missed 2nd place by one run,  I was so proud of my girls,they really tried hard.  They were able to get hits a few games later if were lost it was not by much.  There was 2 girls who not ever pitched before became descent pitchers,  My Paige got better this past summer, she was not given a chance last year too many 4th graders but this year she did wonderfully.  I was so proud of her,  my son improved in his baseball too.  We love going to the beach & swim  the kids are working on deep sea diving, I love to meditate.  I can not wait till this spring to start all over again with coaching softball,and teaching the sport,  Life is  fun & happy.


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    no1coachmom wrote at 6:43 PM on Sep. 17 , 2016


    Good Afternoon Ladies:
    Hello & Happy Saturday.
    What a stormy end to the night last night.
    Storms carried on this morning. By late
    afternoon the sun started to come out.
    It is still hot & humid out, Have a relaxing weekend.
    Have a beautiful day w/ lots of blessings & friendship.

    no1coachmom wrote at 7:28 PM on Sep. 10 , 2016


    Good Evening Ladies:
    Hello & Happy Saturday.
    What a wild Saturday we had today.
    It was nice this morning the sun was out & it was a
    very nice morning. Then early afternoon; the dark
    clouds rolled in. The clouds opened up & it rained
    heavy & the down pour continued all afternoon.
    At dinner time the sun came back out. Now the
    sun is starting to set. Have a joyous day. Filled w/
    lots of kindness, joy & friendship. (((Hugs))) to all.

    no1coachmom wrote at 11:00 PM on Sep. 9 , 2016


    Hello Ladies:
    I hope your Friday was a very Happy one.
    What a hot & humid day we had today. This morning was
    a foggy one. It tried to rain. To the West of us they are
    getting storms. South of the great state of Michigan there
    are bad storms. Have a happy & relaxing weekend.
    Have a wonderful day filled w/ lots of love & happiness.

    no1coachmom wrote at 7:49 PM on Sep. 8 , 2016


    Hello There:
    Happy Thursday to all you ladies.
    Some thunderstorm we had an Wednesday.
    It thunder a couple of times a few lightning strikes; & a
    heavy downpour for a couple of minutes. Then it
    got humid & it stayed that way. It was hot & humid all
    day long. The temp. have been in the 70's at night.
    The upper 80's near 90 degrees during the day-light hours.
    Have a nice day. The weekend is almost here.
    Sending all of you lots of happiness joy, smiles & ((((Hugs)))).

    no1coachmom wrote at 8:40 PM on Sep. 6 , 2016


    Good Evening Ladies:
    Hello & Happy Tuesday.
    Wow!!! what a hot day today was, The temp. touched
    90 degrees, It was very hot & humid for the first day
    of school. All week is supposed to be hot & humid.
    Each day we have a chance of thunderstorms.
    Have a pleasant day filled w/ lots of joy & love.

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