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    • Boy Joshua 21 years old

      A little boy growing to...

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    10 things you should know about me

    1. I believe people should treat animals with the greatest care and my son and I volunteer at animal rescue organizations (that's sort of 2 things oh well)

    2. I like to watch classic tv (I Love Lucy, Munsters, Adams Family,etc.)

    3. I am vegetarian

    4. I think people in general have a lot of improving to do in making the most out of their lives

    5. I believe children are precious and grow so fast you should make the best of your time with them.

    6. I believe you should turn the tv off more and grab a book or sit and talk to your child they love to talk to you

    7. I believe you should walk or ride a bike more and drive less gets you in better shape, saves money and the environment

    8. I believe you should recycle as much as possible and do what you can to to make the world a better place

    9. I believe in the power of prayer

    10. I don't like to hear peope use foul language I think it's insulting and shows a lack of character

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