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    1.  I was raised in RI. but I moved to Denver in the 70's.

    2. Drove a truck across the country for 16 years at a time that very few women were out there. The ones that were, rode with their husbands.There were no facilities for women in the 70's, and I had to work twice as hard to get half the credit. One thing I couldn't deny, I got the same pay as the men. I enjoyed the first 5 years, but after that it was just a job.

    3. Photography is a great hobby. I have a lot of learning yet to do.

    4.  Since I joined CarfeMom in 2011, I have gone from beginner to advanced beginner. And in only 4 years I accomplished that.

    5.  Come on, that was to funny! It really was.

    6.  Writing is a passion of mine too. My best writing has been done in a crunch.

    7.  An imagination is a terrible thing to waste. I've been told since I was a small child that I had a good imagination.

    8.  My favorite subjects I enjoy photographing is everything. Nature is my favorite one though. Although I have been taking a fancy to artsy photos lately.

    9.  Since my advancement, and believe me, it has been a great advancement, I now know what I need to focus on learning about photography..

    10.  I have joined the local  Art association and will be submitting some sample art for consideration of displaying it during the members  show. I've also spoken to the president of the art association about a workshop for photography and she is going to get one together.

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