Mom to four on Earth and six in Heaven.
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    My name is Elaine, though everyone I know seems to call me mom!  I'm a 43 year-old stay-at-home mom of four.  Only on is still at home.  My oldest three live on their own in FL. My 23 year-old daughter is a model there. My 18 year-old wants to be a professional peircer and body modification artist. Noah, 6 is my heart and soul.  I am completely about my children and would easily die for any one of them.   I have three dogs, an annoying Rottweiler, a blonde lab mix, and a blonde lab puppy.   We live in the middle of the woods along a lovely little creek, and it's gorgeous!  I love roses and have them overtaking my front porch.  The hummingbirds love them. I put out nearly a dozen feeders every year. Summer is by far my favorite season. I hate cold weather, so winter is not my friend. I garden in the summer and read and write in the winter when I'm not chasing my little guy!  I am obsessed with Cape Hatteras and we spend 4th of July  week in Buxton every year. I am strangely and unexplainably attracted to the Lighthouse. There's just something magical and sacred about watching the beacon come on at sunset. Thus, the Rott is named Hattie. Noah was conceived on the beach behind the Lighthouse.  Prior to his birth I suffered three miscarriages in a year. Somehow, I can't help but believe that that beacon of hope and faith sweeping over us helped to bless his conception.  He is truly the light that brought me out of a terrible time in my life. I am rabidly pro-life and want another baby more than anything. I claim no political party, I just vote for the best man for the job, or the lesser of two evils! I fully support our military. My dad fought in WWII, helping to free Buchenwald Concentration Camp. My brother served in Viet Nam. My husband was in the Air Force for several years. I hate the violence of war, but feel it is necessary. Without it we would never have achieved the freedom we now have. I hope some day all people on Earth will know that freedom.  I hate smoking  and drugs with a passion.  I am a control-freak. I love coffee. I hate judgemental people. I love homeless people. My children and I fed and prayed with them every Saturday back home. I am a writer and poet and am currently working on a collection of poetry, mainly centering on the Outer Banks and the Lighthouse.  I recently finished my first novel, and am praying for publication.    I am an easy-going person who loves to laugh. I am a Christian and have raised my children in church.  I love my life and my family more than I ever thought possible. I love my friends the same, even those I may never meet in person.  Well, that's me!  Long and rambling!  I'm a lot like a four year-old-I thrive on praise! So if you see something you like in my page, pictures, or journals please tell me!  Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me! Have a great day~Elaine.

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    DSC_4977e.jpg by bryan elkus.DSC_4976e.jpg by bryan elkus.


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    gay pride ribbon Loving My Kids NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

  • Buxton.......

    Sand dunes,

    and seascapes,

    and maritime oaks,

    and a spire with a beacon to guide the lost home...

  • Lighthouse

                  ~ Lighthouse~
    She is more than just a beacon, just a landmark, just a cause.
    She has survived storms, and tides, and decades, and the move.
    She is history and light, guidance and faith, and she stands her ground as the storms rage around her,
    bringing us hope.
    Her light beams out to carry her sailors home, skirting a thousand wrecks beneath the waves.
    Here in the moonlit darkness her beam touches the sea and the dunes and the deck where I stand, and it touches my heart.
    She has drawn me here from miles away, lighting my path, welcoming me home, drawing me ever nearer to embrace me, enlighten me, inspire me.
    She is more than just a lighthouse.
    She is the ever present sentinel of the Banks, the light that reaches into my soul, the salvation of those lost in the darkness.
    She is the inspiration of my dreams.
    She is Hatteras.
    And she is loved.
    Elaine Moore

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