I'm a mother to a good teenage boy I have a dog Peanut
Location: from good ol' soggy Missouri
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    • Boy justin 22 years old

      my son is a special boy, he...

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    I'm a single mom,  I need to find a better work from home job any ladies know of a good one that doesn't  cost an arm and a leg?  Even tho times is rough for us I thank god for what I do have. I love my church Family I go every sunday. I love meeting new friends and I love my old ones. I love to hug. I lost my fave uncle in April and I got his teddy bears. I have 50 now I started out with 20.I collect other stuff cause I got my uncles so I add to whatever he collected.I'm paying a wonderful memory to him by making a scrapbook album of him. I have some family but they can be a pain. My dads family. I love music and dancing, flowers, yellow roses  were my moms faves. I love horses, and my step moms mule Fancy!!! My son is 13 years old he is a special needs kid. He is in Special Oylmpics. I now love to read books two of my Fave authors are JeffersonBass and Patricia Cornwell I read forensic sstories and true crime but maybe other books if they seem intresting .My mom could read a Valley of the Dolls type novel in 2 days or maybe 3.

    I just found out last Thursday Oct 2 I have diabetes type2 , I cried off and on for few days. My uncle not the one who died in April but his older brother had type 2 and the took his leg off at his knee. I pray I won't have to go through that, I may already have neuropathy, I try to deal with it and smile


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    • peanut peanut

      this is my real Peanut

    • Cat Winter

      RIP my beautiful blue eyed boy

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  • lets help fight diabetes

    Why I Support This Cause
    I found out last week I have type 2. It is hard on knowing I have this. It can affect my eyes,my heart, kidneys,feet, legs
  • Read my thought , all are good

    New Year is when you try new stuff

    by peachies02 posted at 10:12 AM on Jan. 8 , 2011


    my fave time of the year

    by peachies02 posted at 8:06 PM on Oct. 3 , 2010


    My sweet dog

    by peachies02 posted at 10:15 PM on Jul. 26 , 2010


    whats new here

    by peachies02 posted at 9:06 PM on Apr. 17 , 2010


    Want to Earn some Extra Income?????

    by peachies02 posted at 8:14 PM on Sep. 8 , 2009

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    In memory of My mother Annalee

    My mother had cancer, my uncles Norman and Lloyd, my cousin Merleann, and My son's old Art teacher Mr. Wendzell. Miss my mom and uncles and cousin

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  • welcome


    Welcome to my page

    Spring time is coming (YAY)

    the flowers will be blooming

    the birds will be singing

    and bugs (YUCK)

    Open the windows and let

    the warm air in !!!!

    Grass will be a pretty green

    as well as the trees

    The sun will shine more


    Sing a  song cause Spring

    is coming soon

    butterfly on head

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    weight loss is important and I am finally in good weight in my group

    I support weight loss and all who are trying and struggling

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    I was just diagnosed with Mild COPD pus I have Asthma, I wil be getting involved in a big way
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      ginger813 wrote at 11:30 AM on Jul. 23 , 2012


      Come join me in a new group, called Redneck Mommies! It's a drama free group for country girls:) I hope to see you there!

      xtwilightx wrote at 3:23 PM on Jan. 30 , 2012


      love bug, for valentines day. lol it's a little heart with eyes, anntenas and legs. It's all about learning. Pick a pattern from somewhere you like, that you understand for the most part, and use youtube videos to learn new stitches and such. that's what i did.

      xtwilightx wrote at 11:18 AM on Jan. 30 , 2012


      i haven't really been working on anything. I am gonna make my daughter a little valentine present, called a love bug. found the pattern on But that is about it. I don't know the sex of my baby, so as i much as i want to make a blanky, it is going to have to wait.

      mcovey wrote at 1:32 PM on Nov. 22 , 2011


      did you get your halloween goody bag sent and did you recieve in Friendship by mail

      preciousmiller wrote at 12:01 PM on Nov. 17 , 2011


      how are you doing girl?

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