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    May our children appreciate us for just one day.
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    • Grace Grace 8 years old

      My granddaughter has arrived!

    • Mikayla Mikayla 20 years old
    • Sean Sean 26 years old
    • Nicole Nicole 27 years old

      Expecting my first grandchild

    • Heather Heather 27 years old
    • Michael Michael 29 years old
    • Ashley Ashley 29 years old

      First born, belated...

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    I may not be rich, but I am certainly rich in love. Michael loves me so much and 2008 is turning out to be a great year, as long as he is by my side.

    Life is wonderful. We were married on Sept. 5th and I have now gained 3 beautiful children...yes that makes 6 in all.

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