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    Here Is Me..

    This is a little about me…

    I some time don’t think to much about my self I spend to much time trying to fix other peoples problems and help when asked as I tell my friends I can’t fix it if i don’t know what’s broken so talk to me and usually  they do. and we find answers together.

    But I hardly ever ask for anything in return and I don’t expect any thing either . a smile or seeing them happy dose the trick .  but it dose bother me when I do need a Friend to lean on and I have NO One  .  but that Dose not mean I will stop being there I will always  be there That is just WHO I AM… I will try to find the time or make the time.

    it makes my Husband mad as hell some times because he thinks I need more time for me. I probably do .  and he Tells me I can’t Fix every one and I know that. No I’m not a Pro. Just some body who has a big heart and gets stepped on allot from what my hubby tells me. but what can I do?   any way I love my Children and My Family . and they Love me… I know from experience that Life is tough  and you have to roll with the punches but it is easier to do when you have friend to help you through.. I have had many but they have either died or moved away and we no longer keep in touch we try but its not always possible .  and it not easy to make new friends  it a trust  issue, I have Faith but Trust few . I have been hurt many times.  so when I write on message boards it is from the heart and thought out I don’t speak lightly . if I’m joking you know it cause I say so   as not  to offend others .   I hope this help you to know me a little better .  I have to go for now My daughter is needing my attention

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