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    My son opened this store in the hopes that others whose lives have been touched by autism and even those who just have a heart to help can wear his t-shirts and spread awareness so the future will be a better place . . .

    Autism awareness will change the world

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    Resigning From the Human Race . . . Sorta

    T his mornings decision by Qwiet Crystal to take leave of mainstream society comes as no shock to those closest to her. Thus far our attempts to contact her have been futile but a close source tells us she is simply tired of stupidity and ignorance, this news comes on the heels of a recent visit to Wal-Mart, some are specualting this may in fact have something to do with this latest retreat from the world at large. Our sources tell us everything possible is being done to help her through this obviously trying time. Complicating things is the family's need for a gallon of milk which she has reportedly refused to leave the house to obtain. Updates will be posted as we watch this story unfold . . .

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  • ~ All about me . . . Well, the basics anyway ~

    Hi! What can I write about myself ... I'm a stay at home mom to four wonderful children, Three boys, 21, 19, & almost 14. I was blessed with one girl, she's 18. My oldest has high functioning autism, he has Tourettes as well. He is my hero. My 19 y/o is aspergers as well as bipolar (with all the other great stuff mixed in ADD, OCD& Tourettes) He is my angel. The other two are ADD. They are my joy and my heart. I have learned so much from my kids, they have overcome so much already and I am proud of them and I admire them. My youngest is actually gifted, his ADD can't stop him!

    I am married to my high school sweetheart and believe it or not he is still my sweetheart! My mother is my best friend. I'm a freelance writer and I love a good book and a nice cup of tea. If you enjoy writing I hope you come and join my writer's group Whispered Words. If you just love to read I'd love to have you join as well!


    You can always find this group with the following URL:

    Letsee . . . What else ~ We have two totally insane dogs (they fit in with the rest of us so well) Sir Lancelot & Lady Guinivere. He is a beagle (the kind with the cute little round head and extra long ears)  and she is a beagle mix. I am diabetic and fight a constant battle with anxiety (I'm winning!) Things aren't always easy around here but my faith gives me the strength and the patience I need. I try to write as often as I can, it is my respite from the world. Not to mention that it's he best, and cheapest, therapy there is!  God is good!

    I suppose if you wanted to know anything more about me you could read it here . . .


    One of my cafe friends and fellow writers has a fun way of introducing the moms in her group ~ This is the link to my Mommy of The Week post

     Hugs & Prayers ~ Crystal