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    • Girl Baby love 7 years old

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    My name is Rachel and I am 27 years old.  I have a  twin angel babies named Adam William and  Mark Jr. I lost Adam at 6 weeks and Mark Richard Jr. at 13 weeks and they  went to go be with the Lord. March 2nd- (Adam April 8, 2008)(Mark Jr. May 29, 2008.)  I miss them dearly, and wish they were still in my belly or in my arms. I am recently divorced for my ex husband of 11 years together, 5 years of marriage.  Starting over was hard at first, but I am looking forward to Gods plan for my life.  I tried everything to save my marriage that I possibly could, but it didnt work out.  I am wanting a family and Im hoping when my next husband enters in my life, we can try right away and hopefully get blessed with a baby or two.  I really am wanting to have a family before 30.  I know with God all things are possible!!!

    But I already fell in love with this site.....I hope to get support and answers and to help others of what I have gone through.  Hope to make many wonderful friends.


    1. I am a child of Christ

    2. I am starting over in life at 26

    3. I had kidney cancer at the age of 19

    4. My mom died when I was 16

    5. I have twin angel babies..Adam William and Mark Jr. and a baby due to ectopic that I named Baby Love

    6. Im an only child

    7. I own my own business in photography called Joyful Memories

    8. I love the San Antonio Spurs basketball team

    9. I love God with all my heart

    10. I am truly blessed


    Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.  

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    Blood Test Results

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    Update on this pregnancy

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  • God holds my beautiful babies in his hands

    your creator


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    mamaof3nj wrote at 9:21 AM on Jan. 9 , 2012


    BTW I'm HIGHLY highly hurt & angry right now... I don't know where HE get's off! I really don't.

    emtgirl885 wrote at 8:49 PM on Dec. 30 , 2011


    Hope you are doing well. You are a strong woman! Yep, time flies! He amazes me everyday with the things he does. Thanks! We had a great Christmas, it was great to spend time with them! =) Happy New Year!

    champagne_rose wrote at 2:59 AM on Dec. 28 , 2011


    I saw your response in a post recently and checked out your beautiful child, Mark. He is amazing. I am sorry what you went through. Thanks again for sharing *hugs*

    emtgirl885 wrote at 3:00 PM on Dec. 22 , 2011


    Hey girl!! =) Hope you are doing well. My family is great, thanks for asking. Robbie is 2 years old, he is learning lots, getting so big, and talking lots. He loves coloring, playing with video games, and playing outdoors. How are you doing? What you doing for Christmas? We are visiting my husband's family right now.

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  • I got this from my friend Janet

    I thought of you and closed my eyes 
    And prayed to God today 
    I asked "What makes a Mother?" 
    And I know I heard Him say. 

    "A Mother has a baby" 
    This we know is true 
    "But God can you be a Mother, 
    When your baby's not with you?" 

    "Yes, you can," He replied 
    With confidence in His voice 
    "I give many women babies, 
    When they leave is not their choice. 

    Some I send for a lifetime, 
    And others for the day. 
    And some I send to feel your womb, 
    But there's no need to stay." 

    "I just don't understand this God 
    I want my baby to be here." 
    He took a deep breath and cleared His throat, 
    And then I saw the tear. 

    "I wish I could show you, 
    What your child is doing today. 
    If you could see your child's smile, 
    With all the other children and say... 

    'We go to Earth to learn our lessons, 
    Of love and life and fear. 
    My Mommy loved me oh so much, 
    I got to come strait here. 

    I feel so lucky to have a Mom, 
    Who had so much love for me. 
    I learned my lessons very quickly, 
    My Mommy set me free. 

    I miss my Mommy oh so much, 
    But I visit her every day. 
    When she goes to sleep, 
    On her pillow's where I lay 

    I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek, 
    And whisper in her ear. 
    Mommy don't be sad today, 
    I'm your baby and I'm here.' 

    "So you see my dear sweet ones, 
    your children are okay. 
    Your babies are born here in My home, 
    And this is where they'll stay. 

    They'll wait for you with Me, 
    Until your lesson's through. 
    And on the day that you come home 
    they'll be at the gates for you. 

    So now you see what makes a Mother, 
    It's the feeling in your heart 
    it's the love you had so much of 
    Right from the very start 

    Though some on earth may not realize, 
    you are a Mother. 
    Until their time is done. 
    They'll be up here with Me one day 
    and know that you are the best one!" 

  • In Gods Time, Not Ours

    To: YOU

    From: GOD

    Reference: LIFE

    This is God,

    Today I will be handling All of your problems for you. I do Not need your help. So, have a nice day. I love you.

     P.S. And, remember... If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle, do Not attempt to resolve it yourself! Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) box. I will get to it in MY TIME. All situations will be re solved, but in My time, not yours. Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold onto it by worrying about it. Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now. Should you decide to send this to a friend; Thank you. You may have touched their life in ways you will never know! Now, you have a nice day. God

    God has seen you struggling, God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way.

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