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  • Location: South Jersey
  • mommy to one crazy monkey
  • Interests: cooking, shopping deals & bargains, green living, single mom
  • Last Login: 10/27/12
  • CafeMom Veteran


  • Boy
    Ayden 9 years old

    ayden is my little monkey

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    SmittenKitten08 wrote at 11:49 PM on Jan. 19 , 2011


    I am doing ok. Had a break down the other day. Got lot of stress atm. But slowly workin through it I guess.

    Punk.Princess24 wrote at 9:44 AM on Dec. 20 , 2010



    You are invited!!

    Join me in

    My Ex is an Idiot

    To vent and lend support!

    See you there!


    mini_me_0829 wrote at 4:45 PM on Nov. 9 , 2010


    Hello, nice to meet you. Maybe when you get back to Vineland we can have a play date. I'm originally from Erie, PA.

    mini_me_0829 wrote at 10:20 PM on Nov. 6 , 2010


    Thats funny. You live in South Jersey but are originally from PA? me too. Your son is such a little cutie. What part of South Jersey do you live? Have a great day too.

    Shady7th2 wrote at 8:00 PM on Jul. 21 , 2010


    hi. sorry if this took forever to write back. Yep very close :) I am by the Walmart off rt40. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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    november 07 2010
    A yden is really kicking off this potty training he took it on and is running with it like a pro.He's becoming more independent and as much as i love it i hate it im gonna miss my baby but ill love the little boy hes becoming =)

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      I'm a single mom of one little boy  i'm 26 years old i'm orig from PA  and i love to meet new people and just talk and get and give advice =)

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