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    blueeyes2000 wrote at 12:58 PM on Apr. 7 , 2013


    Hello, I would like to invite you to SuperHeroMoms !! Do you ever feel like you are expected to do the impossible? Like you are supposed to have Super Powers? Join us in SuperHero Mom's! Hope to see you around the group!

    KrystiAmber wrote at 8:56 AM on Apr. 4 , 2013


    hey I recently made a group called Daily Life As Mom. We are currently looking for more members to join the group and experts (of anything) to write weekly columns (posts). it is a group about anything and everything. No Judging & No Drama what so ever! We are just trying to get stuff started so there isnt alot up yet. But working on that. feel free to add me as friend and check out the group.

    1CrazyCajun wrote at 1:55 PM on Mar. 19 , 2013


    (篓` `路.赂.路`路.赂.路 鈽嗏槅鈽哷路.赂.路 `路.赂.路麓篓)
    Do you love Snark, Drama or Gossip? Maybe just some random chit chat?Come join us on Exile Island where everyone is welcome !!!
    (篓` `路.赂.路`路.赂.路 鈽嗏槅鈽哷路.赂.路 `路.赂.路麓篓)

    efeyer25 wrote at 11:04 PM on Feb. 23 , 2013


    (炉`路.路麓炉) (炉`路.路麓炉)

    `路.赂(炉`路.路麓炉)赂 .路

    脳掳脳 ` 路.赂.路麓 脳掳脳 Moms Inc...Where friendship


    kate80 wrote at 6:45 PM on Feb. 2 , 2013


    (篓` `路.赂.路喈恅路.赂.路 鈽嗏槅鈽哷路.赂.路 喈恅路.赂.路麓篓)

    Come join CafeMom MISFITS

    It is a Uncensored group! We are Offensive!

    (篓` `路.赂.路喈恅路.赂.路 鈽嗏槅鈽哷路.赂.路 喈恅路.赂.路麓篓)

    Be yourself!

    This is a DRAMA filled group!

    You never know what's going to happen!

    (篓` `路.赂.路喈恅路.赂.路 鈽嗏槅鈽哷路.赂.路 喈恅路.赂.路麓篓)

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