You don't know unconditional love.. till you have kids...
Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin
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    I am a stay at home mom to three: Nadia, who is in Kindergarten; Rocco, who is in Head Start; and Dane, my baby boy who just turned a year in December! My days consist of making sure the kids get off to school, the baby gets fed and has a good nap, and the house is kept clean. My nights consist of playing with the kids, making sure homework and bathes are taken care off, and relaxing with my love! I also like to play a good game online, or just search for some interesting celeb gossip...

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    • Dane Dane 10 years old

      Dane just turned one...

    • Rocco Rocco 13 years old

      Rocco, or Rock as we call...

    • Nadia Nadia 14 years old

      Nadia loves to sing and...

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