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    Just like all of you I am VERY busy. But I wouldn't change being a Mommy for anything in the world. My boys are very active. Our time is taken up with karate for the little one (the older one has decided that after 4 years he wasn't enjoying himself anymore and no longer takes classes). The littlest one was recently advanced to the next level (earlier than typical) and was awarded at his school Karate Student of the Year for his age level. I am very proud to say the least. My older son has decided to join Cub Scouts and has been busy learning all the required promises and laws. In the next few weeks The program will be starting for my youngest in Cub Scouts and I have volunteered to lead the group. So lots to learn in that area (it's much different than Girl scouts which I was in for 11 years and more familiar with). In addition I am very active  in my parish - I teach CCD and am on the faith team for the elementary CCD grade levels. I am also a Cursillista - I attended Cursillo (faith based retreat for Catholics) Sept 2005 and have volunteered each weekend retreat since as my way of giving back to the Catholic/Cursillo community. It is a very rewarding experience and I look forward to each weekend when it arrives. At times (as we all do) I feel as though I do not have time to breathe but my kids are happy, I feel fulfilled and am truly blessed and this is all that counts.

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