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    I don't really think I am all that interesting..but here's little about me anyway

    Things I LOVE:

    ~ being an artist..a mama...a friend..a daughter..ME

    ~  my family , as crazy and chaotic as it can get,

    ~like yard sales.. flea to"antiquing", ( haven't done that in a while) Like to ( can't really call myself good , but I like it all the same)

    ~the air after a long thunderstorm.

    ~ a good piece of chocolate

    ~  diet coke..

    ~  Peace. I wish it were a commodity on the stock market and everyone could invest in a little  of it

    ~ a clean house

    ~Bath and Body works.. things that make me feel special and girlie..

    ~ to sister calls me a 'wealth of useless knowledge"( is that a compliment?)

    ~ honesty..

    ~painted toenails( mine are year round :)

    ~walking through the isles of the farmers market and pick out fresh fruit and veggies from local farmers. makes me feel good to support the local economy

    ~ curling up with a cup of cider or hot cocoa , a blanket and a good book

    ~ taking a nice , long, hot shower and then climbing into bed , covering up my head and leaving it all behind for a while.

    ~ nature and think if we can preserve some it there is much to learn from it's goodness

    ~Things that irritate me::

    ~ I HATE a spider..


    ~  hypocrisy and this world is filled to the brim with it

    ~ listening to someone talk that uses "and..umm " every other second.

    ~ when my husband has the TV remote( no need to explain huh?)

    ~going to the pantry to find an empty cracker box or stale cereal...

    ~ Please do not mix stuff..don't get mustard in the mayo and toast crumbs on my butter..just don't..

    ~ I despise and detest a tomato..Ewwww just ewwww

    ~ going to the bathroom in the middle of the night , in the dark, and sitting down and falling to the end of the earth because people can't put the seat down!!

    ~ when someone assumes they are smarter than I am.

    ~ that there are no manners and etiquette anymore! Do we all have to be so "PC "that we forget about the basic need for common courtesy? I know the mailbox is just what we get the random filer and junk mail in but isn't it nice to get a personal letter or "thank you "card every once in a while? And a personal invitation..

    ~ Heritage..not hate people..

    ~ the old adage "why can't we all just get a long"?

    ~ being on those long FF e-mail lists. Those are the new "chain letters" people

    ~ when you try on a pair of jeans and they look great until you turn around