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    After being married to an individual who returned to Active Duty after our separation, he passed away due to the Iraq War.  The problems ensued after moving closer to his family, to let the children learn about their father, through his blood relations as our marriage had been timultuous to be nice.  Moving into the new school district and requesting assistance to get help for my emotionally disturbed daughter was not helped by the school.  After their refusal to do the ARD/IEP in the legal amount of time (unknown to me at the time of initial requests for help or signing of documents), my daughter went on a field trip, and was "lost" by the 3 parents.  The documents uploaded are what I went through in a single payer insurance system (Tricare) and the public school system.  Many personal accounts are written in my journals, but this is the actual documentation and personal notations of the events; at each timeframe specified.


    I lost my daughter...I lost my family...I suffer with every fiber of my being from my injury through to this day...I just do not want anyone else to go through this...


    If someone can send me the link to a place to upload the documents so others can view online securely; I would greatly appreciate the assistance.


    I honestly thought downloading did not need to happen through dropbox, unless the person chose to.  I though you could just view everything online, and I apologize for the confusion.  I understand the issues with security, as dealing with identity theft personally, has not been something I have enjoyed adding to the already stressful situations in life.


    What does the public school system, discrimination, special needs education, military service, illegal immigrants, and healthcare within the United States of American have in common?


    All of the above have affected my children and I, destroying our family, and stealing the innocence from two little ones; beginning in 2009.


    The attached documents outline what two survivors of an Iraq War soldier's death, and dependents of a medically retired veteran, with some explanations.  However, the documents attached are fairly self-explanatory, without the limited personal notations labeled 'Chapter'.


    Why should any veteran be told, "If your children were illegal immigrants, we could offer them and you anything needed.  Since you aren't undocumented, our government programs are not available for you."


    Please bring this to light, to help prevent other children and families from suffering in the manner, my children have needlessly endured. 


    Thank you for your time, and please enjoy your day.




    (Many Documents in link, but in order, and with brief explanations)